Mastering the GAPS Diet

Step-by-step video guidance from a Certified GAPS Practitioner on how to use your journal to track your experience, spot patterns, and accelerate your progress on the GAPS Nutritional Protocol.

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    “A must have for anyone doing GAPS!! I wish I had this when I first started my GAPS journey! It would have made the whole learning curve a lot easier!!”

    Carlie C.

    written by:

    Jennifer Scribner, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with advanced training in the GAPS Protocol.

    "I specialize in helping people get prepared for the GAPS Intro & Full Diets, and then I hold their hand as they walk through it."

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    Learn about these key areas:

    • How to maximize the use of your GAPS Daily Journal for tracking your experiences, symptoms, and daily activities.
    • How to interpret your journal entries when you start to identify patterns, correlations, and trends.
    • Receive practical tips and techniques to document your sleep patterns, dietary choices, supplements, and more.
    • Learn how to customize your journal entries to align with your unique health goals.

    The GAPS Diet Journal Training is a guided learning experience that goes beyond the pages of your journal, providing you with the tools to make your GAPS Nutritional Protocol journey more insightful and successful.